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Общая информация:
Дата выхода: 7 января 2014
Жанр: Action (Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person
Разработчик: Interdimensional Games Inc.
Издатель: Interdimensional Games Inc.
Тип издания: Лицензия (GOG)
Язык интерфейса: Английский, испанский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблетка: Не требуется [DRM-Free]-Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Процессор: : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.7GHz (Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher recommended)
Оперативная память: 4 ГБ
Видеокарта: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 4890 series (NVIDIA GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5830 series or higher recommended)
Звуковая карта: Совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
Свободное место на жестком диске: 7 ГБ-Описание:-Действие игры происходит на борту большого футуристического самолета. Consortium представляет собой научно-фантастическую ролевую игру от первого лица. Сюжет начинается в «реальном мире», где используя спутник, стало возможно открывать цифровой канал через пространство и время, что позволило любому пользователю интернета совершить путешествие и пробудится в альтернативной вселенной, в 2042 году.-

■ Список изменений для текущей версии:

******************Interdimensional Games Inc.********************
*********************C O N S O R T I U M*************************
****************** v1.23 Master Edition DRMF*********************
*************************Revision Notes**************************
-SPANISH now supported for all player responses, direct NPC dialog and 99% of the game UI. To run in Spanish mode: "Consortium.exe -language spanish"
-Fixed two rare instances of the Queen conversation not triggering when it should, causing non-progression
-Fixed all instances of hearing "mein laben!" instead of correct dialog lines.
-Fixed issue where players could get permanently stuck in the battery crawl if beating the traitor while within the battery crawl
-Fixed issues with players taking the cabin route to deal with the merc intruders, including an erroneous invisible wall.
-Fixed crash that would occur if player walked away from the Queen conversation AFTER K18 had already talked to the player and left
-Fixed wildly incorrect NPC dialog triggering when talking with the merc in the brig
-Fixed rare but serious immersion issue with pawn 11 getting stuck in the back of the ship IF the player startled her in the brig earlier but then immediately walked away.
-Fixes non-progression that would occur if players walked away from K15 just before she brings down the holo-emitter to display the Consortium Queen
-Civilian Defence training: Fixed civilians getting stuck on the upper bunker
-Added extra script to make sure Pawn 19 will resume her rounds after talking with wade in the cockpit - she can no longer get stuck in the cockpit doorway (for real, this time!)
-The traitor's inventory can now be accessed if traitor is incapacitated
-If you use "continue..." to resume a game, auto-saves and quick-saves will now save into the proper universe
-Zenlil defense mini-game, Civilian Defense and the VT Tutorial levels now have subtitles
-Rook 25 will now properly acknowledge the player fixing all the chips in most cases. In cases where it's inappropriate for her to talk with players about it, player will only get a R25 alignment boost.
-Fixed issue with "Antibishop" Steam achievement
-Fixed issue where P64 would not walk up to ask to speak with the player if the player had completed a big R25 CMC conversation
-Fixed instance where it was possible for a pawn to incorrectly end up just standing in front of the cockpit near the beginning of the game
-Fixed issue where Bishop's bed would be going crazy even when the player is able to lie down to go to sleep
-Fixed instances where players couldn't tell Wade about obviously broken stuff in the virus hunting secondary objective
-Fixed issue where an invalid conversation with pawn 1 could be had in the barracks.
-The VT console will now no longer appear to be functional during the traitor fight
-Fixed the strange random and erroneous dialog that could rarely occur after saving Wade
-Fixed broken dialog that happens if players "say nothing" twice to Rook 25's inquiry on who the murderer is.
-Prevented merc from saying "get moving" if player has started moving down the Hangar Bay ladder to see Kiril
-Fixed issue where Wade would not properly get back into his chair after attempting to kick the player out of the cockpit
-If traitor is encountered outside B6's cabin, K15's office will no longer be accessible.
-If players go to back to bed, the alignment value that determines whether R25 will ask the player about who the traitor is, reduced significantly. So players have to REALLY get R25 hating them to not get asked now.
-Fixed very broken conversation stuff that would occur if you recycled any of K15's office stuff at a very specific time
-Fixed dialog overlap that would occur if players inserted the battery control chip really quickly AND there is a merc in the brig
-Added HUD hint to tell player the key to get out of the lounge chair
-Fixed barracks-to-med bay door being mysteriously open for no reason when players enter barracks near the end of the game
-When "surrendering" to the merc in the Hangar Bay, the merc will now react appropriately if the player physically drops their weapon instead of holstering it
-Disabled turbulence during second dream sequence
-Made R25 stay in mission ops after she opens the weapons locker, preventing her from getting stuck in cockpit door.
-When pawn 62/51 get back into their global ops chairs after the chess game or if the game doesn't happen, the screens will now turn on properly when the pawns start working.
-Lounge door will now close soon after Pawn 32 walks through it on her way to upper avionics
-The weapons locker now contains 2 shock absorbers to give extra help during combat
-Consortium shield hard-point devices are now much stronger, strommon shield hard-point devices are weaker
-Generally reduced damage from all non-Consortium weapons
-Tweaked the automatic repair and heal systems when playing on medium difficulty so they stay ON once triggered until fully repaired/healed. Also added auto systems to trigger even on hard mode for dangerously low values.
-Generally lowered difficulty for medium and easy modes across both the minigame and first-person combat
-Lowered the amount of space ammo takes in the PCU by a significant amount
-upped frag grenade damage
-A permanent player Career Record note will now be made if all 20 civilians are still alive by the end of the final level of Civilian Defence training.
-Virtual Civilians hit-points raised
-Civilian Defence scoring change: Playing on Medium and Hard difficulty levels now add a significant boost to the score for each level completed. (+750 and +2500 respectively)
-Knight 15 voice over change: when confronting the merc in the "surrender" thread, K15 will now explicitly tell the player to holster their weapon
-Rook 25 voice over change: If player has a very low alignment with R25 (-15 or lower) and lies down on the Bishop's bed to take a nap, she will now make it clear that she's not interested in the player's opinion on who the murderer is
-iDGi-1 Static FX can now be toggled OFF via the developer console: r_signal_fx 0
-Updated the credits

■ Установка :

Запустить setup_consortium_2.1.0.7.exe, установить игру
Установить патч patch_consortium_2.1.1.8.exe

■ Скриншоты:


■ Трейлер:


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